Independent Guide to Gwithian and the Towans

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Here's a list of some of the resident surf schools, others use the beach at regular times.



Shore Surf


Sunset surf


A Watersports Haven, already  home to a number of world class surf schools – untill recently it remained a reasonably well kept secret, offering surfing at every level from kids body boarding to competition level surfing. Popular with kyakers, paddleboarders and wind/kite surfers alike, the whole of the bay has become a playground for those who love to be on the water.

Time in the water, supplimented by time on the beach, 3 miles of sandy open beach at low tide and a wealth of picnic and BBQ spots once the tide is in.

Those who stay on can catch some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Gwithian beach panorama, holiday destinations Cornwall

Down The Line Surf Shop Hayle


Gwithian driftwood rope and jetsam
Beachcoming at Gwithian beach Cornwall
Chalet Pachuca Gwithian, self catering accomodation, holiday cottages, on the beach St Ives Bay

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